​Hors d'œuvres
   Shrimp salad on top of endive
  Tuna Tartare
   Prosciutto crostini topped with pistachio fennel slaw
  Avocado filled with goat cheese wrapped in proscuitto
  BLT bites
  Candied bacon
   Cherrie stuffed tomatoes with pesto, gorgonzola drizzled with balsamic
   Tuna avocado capriccio
   Prosciutto wrapped asparagus
   Jumbo lump crab and avocado ceviche on crisp wonton
   Vegetable spring roll wrapped in rice paper with sweet chili sauce
   Seared ahi tuna with asian slaw on top of a crisp with casaba sauce
   Goat cheese crackers with hot pepper jelly
   Fresh cherry relish and goat cheese crostini
   Smoked salmon cucumber rolls
   Grilled zucchini and goat cheese roll-ups
   Roasted shrimp cocktail
   Hoisin beef rolled scallions
  Tortilini skewers with pesto dipping sauce
   Mini phyllo cups filled with shrimp salad
   Prosciutto wrapped melon with mint and white balsamic vinegar
   Peaches wrapped with Serrano ham
   mozzarella tomato basil skewers
  Goat cheese stuffed dates with candied pecans
   Smoked salmon tea sandwiches
  Anti pasto platter

  Chili lime grilled shrimp with avocado cocktail sauce
  Marsala shrimp skewers
  Sweet bacon wrapped apricot with havarti cheese
  Duck breast crostini with red onion jam  
 ​Brie cherry pastry cups
​ Braised short rib over risotto
​ Venison sausage braised in red wine and garlic
​ Tomato Bisque with truffle grilled cheese
​  Grilled oysters with sriracha lime butter
  Goat cheese stuffed dates with candied pecans
  Smokey chickpeas
  Brussle sprout chips
  Prosciutto parmesan pinwheels
  Cordon blue crostini
  Ham and gruyere cheese pastry with caramelized apples and onions
  Wild mushroom crostini
  Bacon, leek, and cheddar mini quiches
  Broiled lollipop lamb chops with fresh herb crust
  Butternut squash cranberry bruschetta
  Grilled potato slices with capers and chive sauce
  Spinach, roasted red pepper, and feta purses
  Sweet and spicy jalapeño bacon wrapped bites
  Crab stuffed mushrooms
  Gorgonzola topped with honey and pears crostini
  Stuffed asiago basil mushrooms
  Brie,date and toasted walnut crostini
  Bbq pork pot stickers
  Crab stuffed mushroom en croute
  Zucchini bacon gremolata
  Filet mignon caramelized onions and gorgonzola crostini
  Filet mignon topped with mustard horseradish on top of a baguette
  Sweet bacon wrapped chicken
  New baby potatoes wrapped in bacon with chive sour cream
  Greek shrimp
  Asian steak/chicken lettuce cups
  Sesame crusted pigs in a blanket with honey dijon
  Crab wonton cups
  Katie's award winning meatballs
  parmesan crusted chicken bites
  Caramelized onion tarts with apples
  Bacon cheddar bites spread on rye bread
  Mini crab cakes with dijon aioli
  Grilled monterey jack in chard leaves over a baguette
  Zucchini and goat cheese roll-ups
  Filet mignon skewers with gorgonzola drizzled with balsamic glaze
  Parmesan Crusted chicken skewers
  Tomato garlic cheese bread bites


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